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Misc For Sale

Listed are some miscellaneous items that I currently have for sale. If you want to do some interior decorating you can have a ball with many of the items listed here. They would look great displayed in any cabin or den. There are some very nice wall hangers. My inventory changes frequently, so please check this list often.

For the misc items S&H in the USA will vary depending on the item(s) you purchase and the destination zip code. At the time of order I will give you the S&H costs. I ship all items by the USPS Priority Mail. Insurance is extra and at buyer's request.

Thanks for looking. Hope you find something for your collection.

What's New
5/7 - added 13 lots
2/27 - added 13 lots
11/26 - added 6 lots

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Item# Description Price
m72 Unknown Prints -  here are 2 very nice early prints that have been professionally framed and matted. Top print is Sea Devil and Leaping Blenny. Bottom print is Pilot Fish and Sea Porcupine. Overall size of frame is 15 x 18 inches. Great for a den or rec room. $79.00
m74 Paw Paw Chrom-o-lac Transfers - nice sheet of 6 old transfers. Used by Paw Paw Bait Co as box inserts that  were applied to inside bottom of box. $20.00ea/ $100.00 sheet
m103   Pflueger Hook Labels - paper box labels for Pflueger Pelican Snelled Hooks No. 904. These are MINT UNUSED   $.25ea/ 10for$1.95
m159    Canvas Like Hook Pouch - nice older pouch that holds gutted hooks. It has 2 two sided cards for holding the hooks separated by cloth and a pocket on the one side. It is about 10 1/2 inches long and in VERY GOOD condition. Comes with some hooks. $10.00
m184   Pflueger Items - Assorted -  (A) Hook Tin with hooks (B) Disgorger marked Pflueger (C) Cork Arbor for bait caster reel (D) Marked fish scaler (E) Pflueger Easy Grip Handle cover and knob covers (A,B,D)Sold (E)$10.00  (C)Sold
m197   Meltonian Tin - very nice early tin made by Meltonian Ltd., London, England which contained waterproofing cream. Great graphics. Marked 'For Golf Shoes, Hunting and Fishing Boots'. It is in EXCELLENT condition.   $40.00
m221   Ted Williams Line Spool - this is a plastic line spool marked "Ted Williams - Sears' on the label. It is UNUSED and holds 650 yds of 20lb test line.  $9.00
m232   Fly Line Dressing Tins - (A) Marathon Dry Line Dope; (B) Shakespeare Line Dressing; (C) Newton's Fly Line Dressing (D) Herter's Fly Line Dressing   All Sold
m234   Tins - (A) Pflueger Hande-Pak Fish Hooks; (B) Cortland Fly Line Cleaner; (C) Sportfisher Assorted Fish Hooks; (D) Marathon Dry Line Dope(this is not tin but stiff cardboard (E) Weber Floatline  All Sold
m239   Unique Hand Made Fish Decoy & Hand Line - this is a very unusual late 1800's fish decoy with hand line. It is all hand made and the hand line has a compartment carved out where you can place small items. The line attached, I believe, is a silk line. I have not seen another decoy like this one. It had great patina and is in EXCELLENT condition. This is truly 'One Of A Kind'. The hand line is 10 inches long and the decoy is 7 inches long.  $295.00
m243   Hall's Bass & Tarpon Line Wooden Spool - very nice wooden spool. Still has some of the original line. It comes in the original box. To find them in the box is tough. This line was made for Pflueger and is marked 'Pflueger' Line No. 375 on the one side. A very nice collectable.  $39.00
m246   Fly Line Dressing Tins - (1) Weber Floataline, (2) Newton's Fly Line Dressing, (3) Becin Wilcox Line Dressing, (4) X-pert Fly Line Dressing.   All Sold
m248   Fly Line Dressing Tins - (1) Weber Special Nylon Line Dressing, (2) Mucilin Silicone, (3) Herter's Line Dressing, (4) Weber Silicone.  All Sold
m252   State of New York Forest, Fish & Game Commission Report - nice copy of the 1901 New York Forest, Fish & Game Report. It is the seventh report and is in VERY GOOD condition. It has some wonderful graphics throughout the book. Interesting facts from 1901.  $150.00
m253   Muriel Foster's Fishing Diary - wonderful printed fishing diary of Muriel Foster who was born in England in 1884. The book was printed by the Viking Press in 1980. The book is in EXCELLENT condition.  $35.00
  The following 13 lots are from a very nice collection of Mosquito and bug repellants that I was able to acquire. Some have great graphics. Some are glass bottles, some cardboard containers and a couple of tins.   
m258   Penslar Company MOS-KEE-TOL Insect Repellent -  another very nice old bottle of repellent still in the original box. It was made by the Penslar Company, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Box reads 'Keeps away mosquitoes, flies, chiggers and similar insects. It is in EXCELLENT condition.   Sold
m260   Botanical Manufacturing Co.'s Red Wing Powder - this is a very nice circ 1920's cardboard container of repellent. It has never been opened and is in EXCELLENT condition. It was made by the Botanical Manufacturing Co of Philadelphia, PA. Container reads ' For the destruction of Roaches, Flies, Bedbugs, Moths, Mosquitoes, Lice, Chicken Lice, Ants, Red Ants, Fleas and certain other insects'.  $35.00
m262   Allaire Woodward & Co.'s El Vampiro Bug Killer - another very nice old cardboard container of bug killer made in Peoria, IL. It is in EXCELLENT condition and has never been opened. The container reads ' Kills bugs - Harmless to man and animals'. Container is marked 'Patented July 15th, 1919'. $35.00
m268   Misc Insect Repellent Bottles - 4 various bottles of insect repellent liquid. One made by Black Drug Co, Jersey City, NJ, 2 made by Unexcelled Chemical Co, New York, NY and the last marked d-ter, maker unknown. They are all in VERY GOOD condition.  (A&C Sold) $12.00/ea
m269   Misc Insect Repellent Bottles - One marked National Carbon Co. New York, NY. One marked Gallowhur Chemical Corp., Windsor, Vermont. One marked Union Carbide Co., New York, NY. The last company name is unreadable.   $12.00/ea
m314 2 Superfine Gut Hook Packets - two nice very old, dated 1895, packets of hooks. These are very collectable and the paper is in VERY GOOD PLUS condition. $29.00/both
m316 U-Ketch-Em Bait Holders - nice Crayfish and Crab holders. They are all NEW ON CARD. $2.00/ea
m317 Edward Vom Hofe & Co Hook Packet - nice early paper hook packet marked E. Vom Hofe & Co. of New York. These are very hard to come by. The bottom of the paper is torn into 2 parts but still a very nice collectable. $25.00
m320 South Bend Carlisle Weedless Hook - nice early weedless hook that is MOC. $7.00
Pflueger Hook Display Cards - nice set of 4 Pflueger Hook Display Cards. They do show wear and some rust on some of the hooks. One of the cards has one hook missing. Selling as a set.  $29.00/set
Pflueger Durite Leader Material #7404 - nice older box containing about 10 pieces of leader material. The box is in VERY GOOD condition. $20.00
Unmarked Match Safe and Match Book Safe - two nice early pieces. One is a match safe with a horse, horse shoe, etc on the front. The other is a match book safe. Both in EXCELLENT condition. Horse Sold
2 Stockertown Rod & Gun Club Pins - two nice pins in EXCELLENT condition. on is dated 1994 and the other is dated 1997. $8.00/pr
Pocket Knife - Cabelas Club - this is a BRAND NEW IN THE BOX knife made for Cabelas Sporting Stores. It is still in the original plastic wrapping. $29.00
National Rosin Oil Products Playing Cards - 2 nice decks of poker playing cards that are NEW IN BOX. One shows a bass and the other deck shows a trout. $10.00
Old Fishing Photo - nice old fishing photo showing 2 mem with their catch. The writing on the back is dated 1914. The picture is 3 x 3 3/4 inches. Part of a picture postcard. $10.00
Pair Metal Fish Gigs - nice pair of old fishing gigs. One is about 10 inches long and the other is about 7 1/2 inches long. Both are in VERY GOOD condition. $29.00/pr
Sportsmaster Plastic Floats - very nice box containing 10 plastic floats. Box marked 'Made In USA'. Floats are in NEW condition. $25.00
Depth-O-Plug - neat old thermometer that records the temperature and depth. It is   and comes with the original paperwork. Made by Bornemann Prod. Aurora, ILL. $20.00
Leather Rod Harnesses - here are 2 nice old leather rod harnesses used for surf fishing. One has a nice leather strap and the other has a piece of rope. Nice old display items. $25.00/pr
Channel Lock #10 Knife - very nice vintage knife made by Channel Lock of Meadville, Pa. Blade is stamped and also marked Camllus, New York'. It is in EXCELLENT condition. Handle appears to be plastic. Sold
Unmarked Fishing Knife - very nice knife with a wooden handle. It is 6 5/8 inches long and is in EXCELLENT condition. Blade is marked 'Stainless Steel Japan. $15.00
Mobil Floater - very nice NEW IN PACKAGING wooden fishing float. The package is still sealed. $15.00
Wright & McGill Eagle Claw Hook Counter Display - very nice NEVER USED circ 1938 cardboard counter display of hooks made by Wright & McGill of Denver, CO. This one is marked '#70'. Size is 11" x 8 1/2" $25.00
Marble Arms & Mfg Co Match Safe this in an early #181 in the original box. It is stamped 'Patented 1900' and is in EXCELLENT condition. Sold
Hardy Bros Brass Scale -  very nice older large brass scale made by Hardy Bros of England. It is about 8" long (not including the hook). It is clearly stamped 'Hardy Bros'. The spring is broken loose from the frame but it may be fixable. The scale goes to 50 lbs. Nice old collectable. $175.00
Frank J Becker 'New Becker Weedless Hooks -  very early box of weighted weedless hooks made by Frank J. Becker of St. Paul, Minn. They were made around 1905. The picture box is in good condition. A rare find and a must for the collector. Box contains 4 hooks. Sold
Playing Cards - 6 decks of playing cards. The 4 single decks in the original packaging are poker cards. The other 2 in the box with the fishermen are Pinochle cards. All are NEW and complete. $20.00/all
Utility Scale - nice early smaller metal utility scale from 1904. It is marked 'Utility Balance Pat Mar 29,04' on the end. It is in VERY GOOD condition. Sold
Ideal Split Shot Tins - very nice lot of 4 dealer boxes of Ideal split shot tins. Each dealer box still has 5 MINT tins full of split shot. The colors are Robin Blue, Green, Blue and Red. All sold as one lot. $75.00
John James Leather Reel Case - beautiful tooled leather reel case made by John James in Colorado Springs, CO. It is 5 1/2" high by 4 1/2" wide by 4" deep. It is in LIKE NEW condition. Here is your chance to own one for a fraction of the cost. $59.00
Orvis Marked Aluminum Fly Box - very nice older aluminum fly box that is marked 'Charles F. Orvis Co., Inc - Manchester, Vermont - Pat. Pend'. It is in EXCELLENT condition and is 4 1/4 x 2 x 7/8 inches in size. $35.00
Unknown Maker Fish Decoys - here are 3 nice fish decoys, makers unknown. A & B are made of wood with lead weights in the belly. and both have metal fins with glass eyes. C is made of metal with aluminum fins. This one is very unusual. (A & C Sold)
B $39.00
Eel/Fish Gig - 5 Tine - nice old hand forged 5 tine gig. It is 16 1/2" long and in VERY GOOD condition.  $59.00
Eel/Fish Gig - 5 Tine - nice old metal 5 tine gig. It is 9 1/2" long and in EXCELLENT condition.  $15.00
Eel/Fish Gig - 5 Tine - nice old metal 5 tine gig. It is 7 1/2" long and in EXCELLENT condition. $15.00
Eel/Fish Gig - 5 Tine - nice old metal 5 tine gig. It is 10 1/2" long and in VERY GOOD PLUS  condition. $15.00
H & I Eel/Fish Gig - 5 Tine - nice old metal 5 tine gig. It is 9 " long and in EXCELLENT condition. It is marked 'H & I'. $29.00
Eel/Fish Gig - 5 Tine - nice old metal 5 tine gig. It is 8" long and in VERY GOOD PLUS  condition. $15.00
Eel/Fish Gig - 5 Tine - nice old metal 5 tine gig. It is 7 1/2" long and in EXCELLENT condition. $15.00
Unmarked Spring Hook - nice older spring hook that is unmarked. It is in VERY GOOD condition. Does have some rust as seen in pictures. $25.00
N.A.A.C.C Casting Medals - very nice group of 4 N.A.A.C.C casting metals. Three of them are stamped 'Champion'. Sold as a lot. They are all in EXCELLENT condition. $50.00
SKISH Tournament Medals. - nice group of 4 SKISH Tournament Medals made from the 40's - 50's. One is a little unusual in that it has a tack in the back. All are in EXCELLENT condition. Sold as a lot. $50.00
South American Fishing Spears - nice and unusual South American fishing spears made of bamboo. The do have some age but not sure when they were made. Very nice decorative piece. The bottom one is split at the end as seen in the pictures. Sold by the piece. $39.00/ea
6 Plastic Bobbers - nice assortment of 6 plastic bobbers. All are in VERY GOOD condition. Sold as a lot. $20.00
Rengo Reel Leader Dispenser - neat little old leader dispenser made by Rengo Reel Co, Kaleva, Mich. Marked 'Patent Pend'. In VERY GOOD condition. Sold
3 Cutter Snake Bite Kits - nice group of 3 snake bite kits. All are a little different in design. All are in GOOD TO EXCELLENT condition. Sold as a group. Sold
3 NFLCC Patches and 1 Fishing Show Pin. - the 3 NFLCC patches are from 1995, 1996 and 1998. The pin is dated 2002. All are in EXCELLENT condition. Sold as a lot. $10.00
Fly Saver/Knife - nice fly saver in a plastic pouch with the paperwork. It was made by the Douglass Manufacturing Co, San Francisco, Calif. It is in EXCELLENT condition. $25.00
Fly Retriever - nice fly retriever in a plastic pouch with the paperwork. Snap cover to pouch was broken off.  It was made by the Goddeyne Mfg. Co., Bay City, Mich.  It is in VERY GOOD condition. $20.00
Fly Retriever - nice early fly retriever in a leather pouch. Some of the stitching is gone. The pouch is marked 'Mills/York'. It is in VERY GOOD condition. Sold
Fly Retriever - nice  fly retriever still on the original card. It is in UNUSED condition. The card is marked '?hille', '?sport, 19, Pa. I believe it is from Coudersport, PA. $15.00
Fly Retriever - very nice early fly retriever in a nice leather pouch with the button marked 'A&F'. The fly retriever is also marked 'Abercrombie & Fitch'. It is in EXCELLENT condition. Sold
Hopper Coop Live Bait Box - nice early tin bait box made by H. J. Frost & Co., NY. The tin is marked 'Pat Applied for'. It is in VERY GOOD PLUS condition. it is 3 1/2 high x 3 1/4 wide x 1 1/4 deep Sold
Bait Box - nice early tin bait box that was made to pin to your clothes or belt. The tin is faintly marked 'Crout Special Bait Box'. It is in VERY GOOD condition. It is 4 1/2' long x 2 1/8 deep x 2" wide. Sold
Bait Box - nice early unmarked tin bait box . It is in VERY GOOD condition. It is 4 1/4' long x 1 1/4 deep x 3" wide. $25.00
Bait Box - nice early unmarked tin bait box that was made to be worn on your belt. It is in VERY GOOD condition. It is 2 1/2' high x 1 1/2 deep x 3" wide. $29.00
Bait Box - nice  unmarked tin bait box that you can open at either end. It is missing a piece that seperated the box into 2 parts. It is in VERY GOOD condition and marked 'Pat Pend'. It is 5' high x 3 1/2 deep x 5 1/2" wide. $20.00
Tin Tackle Box - nice early tin tackle box that is marked 'English Made' on the bottom. It was made with a key lock but that has been broken. Also the handle is missing . It has 1 tray insert. It is 5 3/4' long x 3 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" deep. $20.00
Tin Tackle Box - very nice early unmarked tin tackle box. It has a hinged piece and is divided into several compartments as seen in the picture. Very unusual in style. It is 7" long x 4" wide x 1 3/4 deep. $35.00
Tin Tackle Box - very nice early tin tackle box that has a '5' on the top. That is the only marking on the box.  It is 8" long x 4 3/4" wide x 1 3/4 deep. $30.00
Dayton Metal Fish Grabber - very nice metal fish grabber that is marked 'Dayton' on one part of the handle and 'Pat Pend' on the other. It is in LIKE NEW condition. $12.00
Alpine Industries Holzum Fish Holders - 2 NEW IN THE PACKAGE fish holders along with the original paperwork and mailing bag. Neat little collectabe made in Englewood, NJ.  $20.00
Langley Fisherman's De-Liar - very nice NEW IN THE BOX scale and measurer made by Langley, San Diego, California. $15.00
K & M Sales Plug Nokker  - unusual little item used to retrieve snagged hooks and lures. Made in Cushing, Oklahoma. Still with original card that is in fair condition. Item is in NEW condition.  $12.00
Karjo Fish Scaler - very nice NEW condition fish scaler made in Sweden. Still has the original box which is in poor condition.  $25.00
Hamel's Hook Holder - nice NEW IN THE BOX plastic hook holder made by Hamel Co., Rochester, New York. Holds 20 hooks. $20.00
Garcia Fishing Pliers - vintage pliers made by Garcia Corp, Teaneck, NJ. It is NEW ON THE CARD condition. . $10.00
Taylor Fishing Thermometer - very nice NEW IN THE BOX fishing thermometer made by Taylor, Rochester, NY. Complete with the paperwork. $25.00
Apco's Fisherman's Pal - very nice NEW IN THE BOX wooden handle stainless steel fish knife and scale. Weighs fish up to 15 lbs. $15.00
Shakespeare Casting Weights -  2 nice wooden and metal casting weights. On is a 5/8 oz and the other is a 3/8 oz weight. Both have worm burns but still in VERY GOOD PLUS condition. $40.00/pr
Heddon Stanley Weedless Hooks - 2 nice Heddon Stanely weedless hooks. They are in EXCELLENT condition. Sold
Hardy Bros Tin Tackle Box - very nice early tin tackle box made by Hardy Bros of England. This is a scarce mini tackle box that is unique in design. It has 4 compartments with lids and is personalized with the initials 'V.M.B.' It is 6 inches long by 3 3/4 inches wide by 1 3/4 inches deep. Very desirable collectable. Overall condition is VERY GOOD PLUS. $159.00
Fishing Creel - nice early center hold fishing creel with an unusual weave pattern. It is 11 inches high, 14 inches wide by 9 inches deep. It is in VERY GOOD condition. $89.00


To Order:
Please confirm availability of item(s) and shipping costs either by phone or email before sending payment. I will accept a money order, bank check or personal check. If payment is made by personal check please allow 7-10 days for shipment otherwise shipment will be next day. I am NOT setup to accept credit cards directly. However, I do accept payment through PayPal but prefer a check or money order because of the PayPal fees. My PayPal account ID is mageg@msn.com. My phone # is 215-956-0993 and my email address is mageg@msn.com. I normally use the USPS Priority Shipping. Shipping costs will depend on weight and the destination zip code. Some of the longer 1 piece rods may have an 'oversized' shipping charge.

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